ZODIAQ® Quartz Surfaces / Artistic Stone Design / Richmond VA

Zodiaq® is Perfect for Your Home, Naturally

DuPont™ Zodiaq® is 93% pure quartz crystal, which gives Zodiaq® a natural depth and radiance without the imperfections common in unimproved stone. And because quartz is one of nature’s strongest materials, Zodiaq® is incredibly durable and resists both heat and scratches. We can custom-fit this virtually maintenance free surface to your exact specifications.

What makes DuPont™ Zodiaq® the perfect blend of nature and science?

Zodiaq® is composed mostly of quartz, giving it exceptional toughness and a hardness of 7 on a scale of 10 (only diamonds rate a 10!).

Easy to Maintain

The smooth, nonporous surface of Zodiaq® resists even the toughest stains and will retain its luster for many years without the need for sealants or waxes.  Click here for Zodiaq® Care & Maintenance.

Perfect Color

Zodiaq® comes in beautiful, uniform colors that go beyond the palette of unimproved stone. And there are no cracks or irregularities. Click here to see Zodiaq® Colors.

Precision Fit

Zodiaq® can be cut and fit to meet exacting requirements, allowing you a wide range of design options.

Exceptional Warranty

Zodiaq® with a ten-year limited warranty from DuPont is backed by a network of fast-response DuPont Authorized Service Agents. Click here to see Zodiaq® warranty.