Vicostone Quartz Surfaces / Artistic Stone Design / Richmond VA

VICOSTONE — for Nature & Life

Vicostone Quartz Surfaces have gathered the natural beauty around us and transformed it into endless inspiration for your surfaces. Bring nature into your home with the feeling of living in a peaceful natural environment.

About VICOSTONE Quartz Surfaces

VICOSTONE has invested in the latest technology and automation to create just the right combination for ultimate solution to your design ideas – our quartz surfaces are produced with the latest Compaction by Vibrocompresion Under Vacuum technology by Breton S.P.A. (Italy).

Made from 93% natural quartz aggregates (one of the hardest natural minerals), and high quality polymer resins and pigments, VICOSTONE Quartz Surfaces are produced by the most technologically advanced machinery on the market today. Each slab is made from an automatically pre-calculated formula, synchronized by mixers assuring the best and cleanest mixture, and finally poured into molds to be “vibrocompressed” under vacuum, baked and polished to the finished material.

A blending of materials in harmony to produce slabs with a variety of single color choices, or multi-color selections full of the rich depth deserving of natural stone. VICOSTONE’s products have integral solidity and strength, high scratch resistance and durable color.

Slab Dimensions

The standard dimensions of VICOSTONE slabs are 305 x 144 cm (56 x 120 inches). Jumbo size slabs are also available with dimensions of up to 330 x 165 cm (65 x 129 inches). Standard thicknesses of 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 2cm and 3cm are also available in order to enable a multitude of applications.

With our modern fabrication lines, VICOSTONE can meet the customer needs and demands far into the future.

Finishing Details

Polished Surfaces

Highly polished, smooth to the touch, vibrant colors, elegant finish and modern design. These are the surfaces of VICOSTONE. Our material has a depth and reflective capability that is unmatched, and a clarity that can only be found in the highest quality offerings.

Honed Surfaces

Honed surfaces bring a smooth feeling, stylishness and authentic quality to interior design, and are an endless inspiration to most innovative design ideas. VICOSTONE honed surfaces bring highlight to a particular color, and bring a feeling of comfortable and gentle space.

Egg Finish

Originating from the Honed surfaces, the egg finish has lower gloss and is fainter in it’s reflection of light, thereby increasing the fineness of an interior design theme.

Brushed Finish

Our brushed finish brings a nostalgic feeling of luxurious designs.

Antique Finish

Rugged, textured, and architecturally interesting, our Antique Finish gives visual depth to any project. With the look of a stone face outcropping, Antique Finish may be just what you were looking for to be the focal point of your space.